Sunday, 4 May 2008

Review of HF100 Canon Camera on New Egg

Superb Camera
Reviewed By: David on 4/28/2008 Tech Level: average - Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
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Pros: Very feature rich camera. Amazing digital quality especially considering the convenience of filming onto flash and instantly downloading it onto a computer. The camera is designed to give you the best images regardless of conditions, bright, low-light etc. This camera will get your shot where other cameras fail. Using the Transcend 16 gig flash memory bundled with the transcend USB memory reader all from NewEgg with excellent, reliable results.

Cons: It is about the highest quality consumer camera available but I think it tops out at consumer quality - it would take a tremendous amount of skill especially in video conversion abilities to take it to the prosumer level. It seems that all images whether 24p or 30p still convert to 60i in the camera.
Other Thoughts: I found the previous review very helpful in deciding on this camera and I agree with the reviewer that this type of flash memory camera is the future in digital recording. I have not tried to edit any video (.MTS or .M2TS) files yet. A free windows program called 'Media Player Classic' (klmcodec345) has been the best for playing the .mts camera files and once it was installed Windows Media can now play the files with both video and sound. Some people are renaming the .mts files on their computer to .mpg and that is helping software to play the video files. I expect AVCHD to be a common standard with a bunch editing software.

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